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can my husbadn cancel my dependant visa?

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i got married in march 2008 to a person working in uk .. he took me to uk in tier 1 (dependant) partner visa in april 2008.. we both lived in uk till jan 2011.. i came to india in jan 2011 for to attend some family functions.. and i'm still in india.. he is in uk.. we have been having some misunderstandings from may 2011 and my husband asked me to wait in india itself untill he decides something.. now my visa is going to expire this dec 2011.. now suddenly my husband doesnt want me back in uk and is not ready to extend my visa.. we have to apply for PR now.. he has applied for PR saying that he has no dependants.. i'm scared that he might have cancelled my dependant visa.. is it possible to cancel my visa without my knowledge? we are not even divorced.. can some one help me please.. without getting a divorce can my husband cancel my visa and prevent me from entering uk again?

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    Hi Dimple

    I understand your problem. Any way your husband can not curtail your present leave by himself. However he could inform the UKBA that your relationship has broken down, still it is for the UKBA to decide whether to cancell your visa or whether there any compassionate grounds for not doing so. I am of opinion that you need to be in UK before your current leave expires and you need to apply for a leave to remain as a dependant or for some other type of visa. You should consult an immigration expert.
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