• article 127 of UAE Labour Law no 8 of 1980

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    Dear Dr.,

    Please see the article below:

    Article 127
    Where the work assigned to a worker allows him to become acquainted with the
    employer's clients or to have access to his business secrets, the employer may require him to undertake not to compete with him or participate in any enterprise competing with his own, after the termination of his contract. For such an undertaking to be valid, the worker must be at least 21 Gregorian years of age at the time the agreement is concluded, and the agreement must be confined, in terms of time, place and thenature of the business, to the extent necessary to safeguard the employer's legitimate interests.

    This article did not specify any period or time when a person is under this clause. it says that the agreement must be confined, in terms of time, place etc. Well, I cannot judge if it is fair, all I can say is that it is the law.

    I have friends working as doctors in UAE and they just move here and there. It is actually the employer's wish whether to file a complaint against you in a court or simply let you go.

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