• Resigning before completing at least 2 years of my contract

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    Dear Astatin,

    - if I resign, will still I be subjected to a 6 mths ban ?
    You are currently having an Abu Dhabi visa, and I am assuming you have a labor card issued by the Ministry of Labor. Hence, your visa is under the Federal Government, issued by the Ministry of Labor and you are a resident of Abu Dhabi.

    You were offered a job in a free zone, which is an entirely different jurisdiction. Hence, you should not be having a 6 month automatic Labor Ban since you will not be under Ministry of Labor. Instead you will have a visa under the free zone authority.

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    You will be having a labor ban if you will transfer to any company under the Ministry of Labor, be it in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc.

    The ban can be lifted if your new company will give you higher designation and salary. It is good that you have a masters degree (be sure it is attested) this will help you move to another company.

    - will I have to pay my current employer any money (45 days salary) for breaching my contract if I were to join a company based in the free zone ?
    You have to pay them since you did not finish your limited contract. This is regardless of whether you have a new job in any other company.

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