• Limited contract worked over 2 years wants to resign

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    Dear John,

    First of all it is not right that for you to have a clerical position as per the visa and labor card. The employer does not have the right to keep you if you already informed that you are resigning. You must serve 1 month notice period. The employer is entitled to get 45 days of salary from you considering that you did not complete the limited contract. The employer is not obliged to give you gratuity.

    Since you have completed two years in the company, you are allowed to work for another company. There will be no ban in this case.

    The employer can put a 1 year ban on you if they can prove before the Ministry of Labor that you have done them wrong.

    My suggestion is for you to complain in the Ministry of Labor about your designation and for not allowing you resign.

    The Ministry of Labor will most probably favor you to find another job. However,If you have signed an agreement with your employer stating that you cannot work for a competitor, the Ministry of Labor cannot decide on this, but they will refer you to a competent court.

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