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    Limited contract worked over 2 years wants to resign

    posted by  John Romero in Dubai forum 

    Hi everyone,

    I am a civil engineer working in contracting firm in Abu Dhabi for over 2 years in a limited contract that will expire on July 2012. My employer issued me a visa as a clerk though i gave them before a complete bachelor degree qualification valid documents with attested UAE embassy from my country and stamped from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi.
    Now, i got a job offer to the consultancy firm with a better salary and entitlement as a Civil Engineer. Then, i filed a resignation to my employer but they disapproved.
    My questions are; Am i entitled to transfer a new company as per new labour law? Does my employer has a right to reject my resignation even if i don't like to work with them anymore? What are my rights in accordance to UAE labour law? If my employer will ban me 1 year, is that ban can be lifted for a limited contract?
    I am really confused about my situation. Please help me to clarify these matters.
    Your opinions and suggestions are very much appreciable.


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