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    Dear Muhammed,

    First of all it is not right for you to be on a sales designation when in fact you are a chemist in your company. Chemist profession is available at the Ministry of Labor System and therefore you can use the same.

    الكيميائيون   1111000 CHEMISTS

    You cannot take this designation if your company's business activity as per the license is not related to chemicals, but if it does then there is no problem.

    To take this designation you should be have similar educational certificate dully attested in the UAE embassy in your country and over here in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Considering that you have rendered only six months in your company, you will have an automatic 6 months labor ban. If you wish to work for another company under the Federal Government and Ministry of Labor, you must target higher salary and designation to lift the labor ban.

    You can also look for a job in Free Zones or in the government. These are having separate jurisdiction which are not under the Ministry of Labor, that is why the labor ban does not apply.

    If you are being maltreated and experiencing unfair labor practices from your employer. You may personally come to the MOL office to file a complaint. You need to first go to a typing center (inside MOL compound) and have the application prepared. Be sure to bring your labor card and passport copies. Then you may proceed and file the complaint. The Ministry will then call you and the employer to be present at the MOL for the arbitration of the complaint. MOL will then decide based on the arbitration. If settlement has been made it is good for you. However, MOL is not really a court. The case can still be brought to Dubai court for further trial, in case settlement has not been reached.

    Dubai court will do the trial and decide accordingly.

    My suggestion is for you to settle the matter first with your management. If it does not go, then go to MOL.

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