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I am from China. My name is ChenXiaoDi and I am a student at the Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication in Shantou University. For one of my courses we have been assigned to write a report and do some research on different countries. I want to have a better understanding of Tajikistan.
I would like to know more information about the relation between the two countries and specific details on any economical cooperation between the two. I have found out that Tajikistan and China established diplomatic relationship on Jan.4, 1992.Besides, the TBEA transmission project conducted to build by the genera contractor TBEA stock limited company has been completed one year ahead of schedule on Dec. 1, 2009. This project is the largest project which uses the Chinese government preferential buyer’s credit. But I am specifically interested in effects that the project caused. How will the project impact on solving the problem of power shortage in winter dry season in southern Tajikistan? Besides, what influence has this project had on employment and has it ever caused some negative effects, for example?

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