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What do you like / hate most about the French?

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As a French girl myself, I'm interested in what people from other countries think about us ;)

So: What do you like (or hate) most about French people?

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  • Philippe beb

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    i think if u meet a french guy or girl and if he/she knows speaking english, no problem, he/she speak english with u. the problem in France, a lot of people dont speak english, or a little bit. even me, my english is very bad lol! but i try to speak english, its very interesting to chat with people of different country, culture.

  • French people

    posted by Deleted user in France forum 

    I've been to France once for holidays and I was lucky meeting very out-going people! But I can understand the opinions of Julia and tajina for example, as I heard stories like that also.

    All in all I like France and I wish I can go there again one day, maybe to the Atlantic coast... :)

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    living in a village

    posted by  monica salvioli in France forum 

    hi tajina
    how is the life in a small village?
    what do you do there ?

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    well, we face this issue everywhere but we as forigners need to keep in mind that france will always be france. france will never be like the UK or America. Reason why young folks only speak french is because that what they grew up in. What we fail to understand as Anglophone speakers is the culture of the country we come to visit and the things we grew up in we tend to take with us as granted. French is what makes up france, with out french, france would be any different from UK or america but at the same time thats the beauty of why france is different from Uk and America. Here in america, i have to speak english because that the language i mostly speak, if a person who speaks spanish to me, even though i can speak spanish, i am bound to respond in english because its part of my lifestyle. it is the persons fault who comes to this country knowing that english is mostly used. we need to respect the countries culture or else we are bound to get a rude awakening like julia

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    Hi all,
    I can understand your problems with getting along in France with English only. It's like normal that elder people don't speak English, ok, but I don't know why younger people sometimes just refuse to speak it! I really like the English language and I am always really happy when I meet someone in France who I can talk English with!

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    I totally agree with Julia, it is hard when you have limited French. You should live where I live in rural Dordogne, surround by the French vineyard/farming community its a nightmare sometimes. Some of the older folk can't read and write either so you can't even write it down for them. Its a constant battle, but my french is improving and with the help of charades I manage very well. gona have to learn French the slow way as lessons have become very dear, French think that all UK people that move hear are loaded, especially when you are looking for a builder!!! English is a international language and should be universal. I had to learn english when I came from Israel took 14 years to learn but I got there in the end.

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    Hmm, but what you say could be referred to every country, not only France. Of course most of the people like talking in their own language, but I think it's just very very impolite if people you're talking to notice that you don't speak their language, and still refuse to communicate with you in a language both sides can understand!
    Maybe I met the wrong people, but when I tried my very little knowledge of French, the guys I talked to were more condescending than happy while listening to my "French".
    Sorry, but that's just what I experienced.

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    i love french people, i am half french myself . i may have to comment the young girl above. This issue where u think french people refuse to speak english is normal in almost every country, u need to understand the double sided picture. Yes, it would be great if french people would greeted us in english but in the other hand, we should not be expecting this at all. come on, this is France we are talking about, why should they have to stop speaking their native langauge to satify us as the forigners. Even if u make the least effort in speaking their native langauge, u will diffinatly be greeted with open arms.

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    I don't like about French people that most of them totally refuse talking English to you! As I don't speak French very well, I HAVE to communicate in English! But French people always think that everyone has to learn and speak their language...that can be very annoying sometimes...

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